Sexy Wanda - Deep Banana Sex

February 24, 2009 by Harry Hardcore

Deep Banana Sex - Spread Pussy

Sexy Wanda gets two fingers into her pink pussy to get herself warmed up and stretched in preparation for bigger things to come. We get a nice close-up view as she works up the juices by fucking those fingers into her tight hole until she is nicely juiced up. You can hear her juices squelching as she dips her fingers deeper into her snatch.

Once completely lubed up Wanda takes out the banana and eases it inside her pussy. It's a tight fit at first but she soon gets used to it and it's not long beore she's really hammering it into her cunt. Judging by the noises she was making this is one ride Wanda clearly enjoyed!

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Banana Fucking By The Pool

February 24, 2009 by Harry Hardcore

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Here we have yet another hot European chick. I don't know how they manage to find so many hot young chicks who are willing to be filmed fucking themselves with bananas. But hey, they find them, so I'm not complaining.

This ones called Julia teases her pussy with her fingers before moving on to fuck herself with a banana. She gets that big yellow fruit deep into her slippy wet snatch and fucks herself hard with it until she comes. As a nice little bonus at the end of the scene we get to see Julia crouch by the side of the pool and take a pee!

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Horny MILF Banana Fucking

February 24, 2009 by Harry Hardcore

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Wow, we have done it again, another fantastic banana masturbation video! This one features Klaudia, a red hot MILF from eastern Europe and she really gives her pussy a good fruit fucking as she does herself good and deep.

I love seeing how deep these girls can get that big banana and you will see that Klaudia really takes it all the way inside her cunt. And what a sweet looking tasty cunt it is too. I'd love to get down there and lick all those lovely fresh cunt juices from her shaved pussy lips!

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Cute Brunette Johanna

February 24, 2009 by Harry Hardcore

Banana Cunt
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Here's another great banana pussy video! In this one cute brunette Johanna stretches her vagina using a huge yellow banana and gives herself a real good fucking. There's nothing like seeing a hot chick with a big banana in her juiced up cunt and this babe certainly give us a show to remember!

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Ultra Hot Blonde Fucking Banana

February 24, 2009 by Harry Hardcore

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Oh my god! You will not believe how hot this chick is! I mean she's way too hot to be doing porn. Not that I'm complaining though. Her name is Nicol and she shot this mind blowing scene when she was just 19 years old. Take a look at the video gallery (click the above link) and you will see what I mean. Nicol has amazing long blonde hair, lovely blue eyes and a perfect slim body. Just the sort of girl a guy would give anything to fuck!

But there's no fucking in store in these video clips - only banana fucking. The scene begins with Nicol stripping off to show off her smoothly shaven slit. She has an incredilble pussy and we get to see it in extreme close-up as she slides a banana into her wet hole. She looks pretty tight up there as the banana pushes deeper into her twat you can see her cunt lips stretching to accomodate it's full thickness.

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